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I dreamt about Mr. Rhodes last night. In addition to being a choral conductor, he had become the CEO of a choral consulting company. Anyway, I'd visited him at Samo, and he sent me to make copies of some music for Viking Ensemble. The copy machine was in the office of his new start-up company. The office was big and had mahogany furniture in it. There were 3 or 4 other people working at his company, none of which I knew. Anyway, in addition to the music, he'd given me photos of him and his colleagues posing naked together. The photos were small so I couldn't see them in great detail, but it was printed on nice paper. I guess I was kind of traumatized by this, and I didn't show anyone. The copy machine ran out of paper, so I was putting in some more. As I did, I was thinking that he had come a long way from being a mere high school choral conductor.

Hey does anyone else dream about Mr. Rhodes or am I the only one? I remember back in high school, Aimee and I would consider ourselves blessed if he graced our dreams. We had a Rhodes obsession.
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